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Rental Villas in Tuscany

In past times a villa was a large property in the countryside related to agricultural activities. In Roman times it was the country home for noble families and a farm. It was in the Renaissance that villas were turned into luxury homes for relax and leisure. The first Renaissance villa was built in Tuscany and more exactly Villa Medici in Fiesole near Florence.

Today many Tuscany villas are back to their past splendor of luxury residences for relaxing holidays in Italy. Several historical villas in Tuscany have been carefully restored and turned into exclusive accommodation for guests' private leisure and special events such as Italian weddings or business meetings.

Since there are lots of rental villas in Tuscany, here you find some selected villas to help you choosing your luxury accommodation in Tuscany.

Villa in Tuscany

The listed properties are just some of the best rental villas in Tuscany. Every Tuscan villa is unique and offers exclusive accommodation in the most beautiful landscapes across the region.

If you are looking for a luxury lodging in Tuscany suitable for you and your family and friends, Tuscany villas are certainly the perfect lodging. They can accommodate small and large group of people offering the best comforts, such as outdoor pool, well-tended garden, private chapel and other facilities.

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